The counseling and representation covers all aspects of intellectual property law, that is patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, copyrights and trade secrets. In this area advise is provided for drafting and negotiating agreements, but also the enforcement of IP rights through litigation.


Licensing and Technology Transfer

Drafting and negotiating complex technology agreements, especially taking into account the antitrust implications on a national as well as on a European level. Research and developments agreements are also at the core of the expertise, as are complex distribution contracts.

One of the core expertise of the law firm is the counseling on and representation in any and all aspects around patents. Together with patent attorney firms, dealing with the technical issues, litigation is conducted when it comes to infringement and validity.

Patent Proceedings


Next to providing competition law counseling around all types of transaction, licensing, research and development, and distribution agreements, advice is provided around the exercise of alleged market power, the limits and possibilities in that respect. Over the years, FRAND issues have become a center point of the advice provided.
Representing clients also in front of antitrust authorities to solve difficult legal questions when it comes to dealing with IP and IT to avoid negative impacts.

Representing clients in arbitration proceedings under ICC, WIPO and DIS rules, but also ad hoc arbitration. Thereby focusing on IP, IT and antitrust issues involved in complex international arbitrations. Furthermore, working for clients to enforce arbitration awards. Peter Chrocziel has served as arbitrator in respective proceedings.



Counseling and representing companies on all commercial aspects of their business, including distribution, competition, ecommerce, intellectual property and data protection issues. Complex international corporate transactions are usually accompanied as to their IP and IT aspects. This includes the input on due diligence related to those questions.